Welcome to Lux Eleven Berlin-Mitte,,

My name is Lars Schäfer and I am the Revenue Manager at Lux Eleven Berlin-Mitte.

I would like to welcome you to our hotel and regardless of the purpose of your visit, I am delighted that you have chosen us from the vast possibilities in the center of Berlin.

As the Revenue Manager, I would like to know if you have any business arrangements, which may mean that you require accommodation with us on a regular basis.

In this case I would be happy to meet and discuss your needs and offer you our preferred corporate rate, which will assure the best value each time that you stay with us. Simply email me at lars.schaefer@chambers-hotels.com, and we can arrange a convenient time to discuss potential corporate rates.

Kind regards, Lars Schäfer

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Fixed rates or discounts offering the best value throughout the year.
Access to Evo Fitness
Complimentary Upgrade*
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