Boutique hotel Berlin

As you may expect from a boutique hotel in Berlin, Lux 11 offers a unique experience. While blending history with modernity, the boutique hotel is beautifully decorated and completely different than other hotels in Berlin. In this boutique hotel in Berlin you’ll find luxury in a cool ambiance, making Lux Eleven a very special Berlin boutique hotel.

For all its trendiness and minimalist design, boutique hotel Lux 11 in Berlin is also a place where the forward thinking can live in domestic, more self-sufficient comfort for extended stays. All rooms and suites – ranging in size from 30 m² to 160 m² – feature sleek white kitchen units fully equipped with mini-stove, coffeemaker, toaster oven, microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator. In the basement, guests who wish to do their own laundry can enjoy the use of Mièle washers and dryers, available on a complimentary basis. At the same time, they can indulge in Aveda-based hair treatments at the Beate Kahlcke hair salon, or take in the sounds of the city’s best DJs in the Luchs Eventrestaurant.