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Where to stay in Berlin ?

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Since the opening in 2005, the Lux 11 has established itself as a favourite amongst city slickers, creative types and international DJs. So, if you're wondering where to stay in Berlin, the answer is easy... Lux 11 of course! Lux 11 is one of the best places to stay in Berlin and at Lux 11 you stay in a unique accommodation in the Berlin-Mitte district. Choose wisely where to stay in Berlin and choose a place that offers a variety of unique elements. What these elements are? Let’s take a closer look and tell you why you should stay with us in Berlin?

The History

The Lux 11 building started out life as an officers residence back in the late 19th century. Over the years it has had its fair share of image changes; from military hospital to banana warehouse, KGB telephone surveillance station to hip location for subcultures and underground parties during the 90s. By 2005, following two years of renovations, the Lux 11 was ready to welcome its first guests to stay in the design apartment house.

The Design

The unique appearance and feel of the Lux 11 is testimony to the building’s colourful past. The grand, white facade harks back to its original function as a stately residential building whilst the interior and furnishings reflect today’s trendy, creative Berlin-Mitte. The emphasis is on space, one of the greatest luxuries in any city, and opposites: warm and cold, smooth and rough, old and new. A 19th century wrought-iron staircase wrapped around a modern, stainless steel lift. Sleek concrete features rubbing up against soft, fuchsia pink furnishings.

The Frills

The apartments are well-equipped with everything you would expect from a luxury hotel, plus a few thoughtful extras you might not; like a kitchenette, for example. If you don’t fancy catering for yourself, you can choose one of the Restaurants in walking distance or stay in house and enjoy the great food and bar service offered from the Prince Restaurant. And if all you really want is to relax, try out Type Hype, the new concept store and milk bar that has found its home within the walls of Lux 11 in late 2013. Does it already become easier to decide where to stay in Berlin?

The 'Hood'

The Lux 11 is located in the trendiest part of the trendy Berlin-Mitte district, surrounded by galleries, designer boutiques and the kind of relaxed yet glamourous nightlife Berlin is famous for. The staff are happy to share their insider knowledge of the city and they’ll even use Lux 11′s contacts to get your name on the guest list for clubs such as Weekend. Now you should be convinced and know where to stay in Berlin: at Lux 11!